Scotttish Routes Sustainable Tourism

What is Sustainable Tourism?

According to VisitScotland, Sustainable tourism is tourism committed to generating a low impact on the surrounding environment and community by acting responsibly while generating income and employment for the local economy and aiding social cohesion. Sustainable tourism aims to ensure that economic development as a result of tourism is a positive experience for everyone involved; local community, tourism businesses and visitors.

At Scottish Routes we take this very seriously. Wherever possible we aim to stick to the following set of values.

  • Engage with the local community wherever possible.
  • Ensure our guests get to interact with local people at our stops.
  • We do not take kick backs or commissions for services provided to our guests.
  • Encourage our guests to shop locally and in shops owned by local people, rather than larger chains.
  • Encourage staff and guests to minimise their waste and recycle.
  • Educate and inform staff and guests about the local environment wherever we find ourselves.