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The company will implement all reasonably practicable measures to prevent pollution in our surrounding environment and will comply with current environmental regulations and legislation. Our aim is to ensure that our tours of Scotland have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Scottish Routes have already taken to following steps to reduce our environmental impact:

  • In the office, all recyclable waste is recycled. Energy use is also closely monitored.
  • Out on the tours, driver/guides have been instructed to drive in environmentally friendly ways (such as lower average speeds, changing gear early, etc). We also provide vehicles to suit the size of each tour to reduce fuel emissions.
  • Guests are made aware of the impact their visits can have on the natural environments of Scotland. Wherever possible, recycling services are used out on the tours; “green award” attractions and accommodations are used; countryside codes are adhered to; local wildlife and ecosystems are explained and visited and guests are encouraged to look after Scotland for future generations.

We are constantly aiming to improve and reduce our carbon footprint further and have set the following goals:

  • Work not only to recycle waste materials but to reduce and reuse the amount of waste produced;
  • Investigate further measures to reduce fuel consumption and subsequent emissions from our vehicle use;
  • Support sustainable and local businesses and suppliers such as accommodation providers to reduce the environmental impact of our tours;
  • Educate our employees and guests to enable them to implement this environmental policy;
  • Exercise control, as far as is possible, over the environmental impacts arising as a result of work being undertaken on our behalf by our suppliers and maintenance contractors.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism(both in Scotland and worldwide) – Scotland is a wonderful country, and we want to keep it that way.